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It's easy to get lost in our day-to-day routines with paying little or no notice to the bigger celestial picture.

But beyond our own little personal world is a whole magnificent cosmos we can channel to energise our lives.

That's why The Moon Phase Studio is here - to empower you to become more ATTUNED TO THE MOON through art, books and rituals.

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The Moon is the Earth’s closest satellite object and ally, a magnificent spectacle serving as a great reminder to the wonder and beauty of our very existence.

In essence, “cyclical living” is paying attention to the Moon’s phases by aligning your own objectives to harmonise with the Moon’s natural pattern.

“Natural cycles like the menstrual cycle, moon phases and seasons are the ancient blueprints for your body and soul providing the map for your divine timing and success”

Merilyn Keskula-Drummond, Author “MOON POWER’

Learn more about how you can ATTUNE TO THE MOON by living a balanced life in sync with nature's rhythmic pattern.


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Your newsletter can serve as a reminder to set some new intentions and how to prepare for the cycle ahead.

We’ll talk you through what sign the New Moon and Full Moon will be in during the forthcoming month and how you may be impacted.

We’ll give you reminders of what to look out for in the night sky such as upcoming meteor showers or supermoons as well as relevant lunar planting info.

We also have a resident astrologer to give you an emotional insight into the month ahead!

Oh, and we promise not to bombard you with a load of other emails, just one newsletter per month 😏.

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