Life is all about cycles.

Day and Night, Ebb and Flow, Wax and Wane.

Summers to Winters.

Everything has a start and finish to its natural loop and blueprint, a rhythmic pattern that breathes in and out reliably, cyclically.


In a modern world it’s easy to override nature’s rhythmic cues.

The darkness of Winter is now bathed in electronic light and artificial heat.

Our reminders to withdraw, reset and re-evaluate are easily overlooked.

All too often we endure burnout, fatigue, stress and illness as a result of our repetitive lifestyles.

Taking time to do little or nothing comes with an uneasy feeling.

It didn’t use to be like this.

Ancient Wisdom

For Millennia, our ancestors lived and breathed by the Moon.

The Moon was a guide for all aspects of life.

Even though these practices may have been forgotten by the modern world, for those who remember them, they are just as valid now as they ever were.

By following the phases of the Moon we can match our energy and output with the Moon’s growing glow to reap the benefits of living in harmony with the natural world.

Are you ready to attune to the Moon?

Similarly, and just as importantly, we can observe the Moon dwindling into darkness and receding from the full energetic light.

This time encourages us to slow down, recover and reset.

For anyone who finds themselves on a never ending mission of unrelenting tasks, “cyclical living” can be a liberating approach.

Rather than enduring endless chores, socialising events and constant “doing”, we can carve out some of that valuable time for just “being”.

Maybe it’s time to live more harmoniously with the Moon?

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